BlackBoxEcho & Squarpusher || Damogen Furies World Tour

Show Design, Art Direction & System Programming: Zak Norman

Technical Supervisor:  Martin Harvey

Visual Programmers: George Toledo, Peter Sistrom of [namethemachine] vade

Projectionists : Rupert Dean, Abigail Portner

Black Box Echo have designed Squarepusher’s innovative and fully generative new visual system.

The algorithms use geographical and meteorological data on each location we visit to define the starting points for an entirely generative visual environment. The patches are then controlled in their evolution by the audio and midi data they receive live from Squarepusher during the performance. Only he can control their development throughout the set by his chosen interactions with his own machines.

It is truly a visual instrument – defined by data; driven by audio.

I wanted to create something that confronted the concept of fear. For myself, it was the fear of losing control of my environment. After giving the system some basic rules and parameters to work inside during pre-production, I surrendered my ability to control the output, rendering it fully dependent on the feeds it receives and how it processes them. Each performance can be interpreted differently, with a continuously developing level of sophistication.

I have relinquished control of the machine, for better or worse.


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