Maxime Causeret | Order from Chaos

Pour présenter son nouvel album Emergence, Max Cooper a demandé à Maxime Causeret de créer un vidéoclip inspiré par sa démarche alliant musique, art visuel et science. Voici comment il décrit les images de Maxime :

“His video shows the raindrops initially, then going into simple cellular forms and then showing the important idea of cooperation between simple cells to form more robust colonies of life. This develops into a visualisation of the idea of endosymbiosis, where simpler smaller organisms can live inside larger cells, each providing a benefit to the other, and eventually forming parts of the same organism as they evolve to be entirely dependent on each other. The video also shows competition between organisms for resources, which spurs on their evolutionary development, as each species tries to keep up with the innovations of the others. He also visualises the emergent ideas of flocking behaviour, where groups of individuals form beautiful dancing-like patterns.”

Le résultat est tout simplement magnifique et hypnotique.

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Pierre Mortel & Simhervieu || TSF : Time Tones

Released on Unlog

Animation by Pierre Mortel & Simhervieu

Gathering some of his latest experiments around hip hop and sound design, Time Tones is a textured musical project at the crossroads between TSF’s organic and electronic influences. This 6 track eclectic project by the french producer TSF also counts collaborations with vocalists Do Mi and Samo, french lyricist Théophane Bertuit aka Sale, and Togo based trumpeter Gada Tronsi.

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Drew Tyndell || Loops

J’adore regarder les boucles animées de Drew Tyndell. La combinaison de formes géométriques et organiques, les palettes de couleurs riches et variées, et la trace du crayon et du pinceau me séduisent à coup sûr. Mention spéciale pour la trame sonore de ses loops, souvent ludique, qui complète bien les courtes oeuvres. Je vous partage ici quelques unes de ses loops que j’aime particulièrement, consultez sa page vimeo pour en découvrir d’autres.

Cento Lodgiani || The illusion of life

Les 12 principes de base de l’animation ont été élaborés par les «vieux» de WaltDisney Studios, parmi eux Frank Thomas et Ollie Johnston, pendant les années 1930. Bien sûr, ils ne sont pas vieux à l’époque, mais les jeunes hommes qui étaient à l’avant-garde des découvertes passionnantes qui contribuaient à l’élaboration d’une nouvelle forme d’art. Ces principes sont le résultat de la réflexion sur leur pratique et sur le désir de Disney d’utiliser l’animation comme moyen d’exprimer le caractère et la personnalité.
Ce film est le point de vue personnel de Cento Lodgiani sur ces principes appliqué à des formes simples comme un cube.

The 12 basic principles of animation were developed by the ‘old men’ of Walt Disney Studios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, during the 1930s. Of course they weren’t old men at the time, but young men who were at the forefront of exciting discoveries that were contributing to the development of a new art form. These principles came as a result of reflection about their practice and through Disney’s desire to use animation to express character and personality.
This movie is Cento Lodigiani’s personal take about those principles, applied to simple shapes. Like a cube.

Manfred Mohr || Transformation I


“This short 16mm film (around 1 1/2 minutes) is ‘Transition I’ (1972-1973). As an inauguration gift, I transformed a sketch of the new city hall into the coat of arms of my hometown Pforzheim.

During my one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 1971, I met the CEO of C.G.M (La Companie Generale de Micromatique), a data storage and preservation company, which specialized in micro films. He invited me to experiment on their brand new machine DATAGRAPHIX 4460 to make computer animations. I gladly accepted and during the next 4 years I made several short computer films. It was a very painful experience since the process was very slow and the turnover dragged out over many months.

For the film, each frame was drawn in high resolution with a light beam directly from the computer onto 16mm film to create the animations.

This short 16mm film (around 1 1/2 minutes) is ‘Transition I’ (1972-1973). As an inauguration gift, I transformed a sketch of the new city hall into the coat of arms of my hometown Pforzheim. Images from this film are published in the book: Pforzheim 1973 (see below).”