BlackBoxEcho & Squarpusher || Damogen Furies World Tour

Show Design, Art Direction & System Programming: Zak Norman

Technical Supervisor:  Martin Harvey

Visual Programmers: George Toledo, Peter Sistrom of [namethemachine] vade

Projectionists : Rupert Dean, Abigail Portner

Black Box Echo have designed Squarepusher’s innovative and fully generative new visual system.

The algorithms use geographical and meteorological data on each location we visit to define the starting points for an entirely generative visual environment. The patches are then controlled in their evolution by the audio and midi data they receive live from Squarepusher during the performance. Only he can control their development throughout the set by his chosen interactions with his own machines.

It is truly a visual instrument – defined by data; driven by audio.

I wanted to create something that confronted the concept of fear. For myself, it was the fear of losing control of my environment. After giving the system some basic rules and parameters to work inside during pre-production, I surrendered my ability to control the output, rendering it fully dependent on the feeds it receives and how it processes them. Each performance can be interpreted differently, with a continuously developing level of sophistication.

I have relinquished control of the machine, for better or worse.


D_FUSE || Tektõn

An ongoing collaboration between D-Fuse and Labmeta (Mike Faulkner and Paul Mumford). Tektõn is a series of works exploring the spatio-temporal qualities of light and motion. Imagined digital/machinic instruments are used to engineer different formations of kinetic light. As these light machines are rendered invisible we witness the traces of structure and spatial presence.

Inspired by the constructivist designs of Vladimir Tatlin, and László Moholy-Nagy’s Light Space Modulator, physical or mechanical rules are used as creative constraints in a moving architecture of light. Each set of constraints give way to the production of a different tool, resulting in emergent behaviours and forms. The traces of light organise themselves in the tension between noise and pattern.

Beginning as a series of audiovisual short films Tektõn – Two Zero with artists including Hauschka, Lusine and Swayzak, the project has gradually evolved into an Audio Visual performance, and Tektõn – One Three – a kinetic light sculpture.


Candas Sisman || SYN-Phon

Graphical notation and composition by Candas Sisman

Barabás Lőrinc: Trumpet
Ölveti Mátyás: Cello
Candas Sisman: Electronics and Objects

Budapest Art Factory (BAF)  est heureux de vous présenter la pièce SYN-Phon, une performance sonore basée sur une notation visuelle graphique de Candas Sisman accompagné de Barabás Lőrinc & Ölveti Mátyás. L’artiste a résidé au BAF pendant un mois en juin 2013. L’oeuvre à été présentée à la fin de la résidence sous forme de performance ,découpée en acte et accompagnée des musiciens.

Budapest Art Factory (BAF)  pleased to present to you SYN-Phon; sound performance based on graphical notation by Candaş Şişman featuring Barabás Lőrinc & Ölveti Mátyás. Candaş Şişman resided at BAF for the month of June as part of its cross-cultural fertilization residency program. SYN-Phon will be exhibited to act, as a visual linguistic delivery through a cogitation segment followed by the sound performance on June 29th.

Coming about to understand the human nature of comprehending linguistics is that of a complex take –on. The constituent elements of language, in general content, bring forward the theory of other minds sharing, with intentioned communication.

Thought varies with the use and absence of language that comes to be found in line with the development of thinking and impulses from our daily surrounding. Eventually language creates our point of view just as much as our ideas and perception of matters, individualistically.

Art plays a crucial role in demolishing the boarders of our comprehension our mindset is framed into by literate language. Human language serves as a rather conservative form of communication when comparison to musical language; where the freedom of space employs as a resort for that broad horizon of that, that in search of cutting-edge form of broadcast.

Candas’s trials of combing various forms don’t necessarily imply the mere creation of a pioneering flash but rather the use of the endless possibilities in associating the known and unknown. Through the unknown, we come about with a new way of thinking that tries to substitute and make space for a new tool of self-expression. Conclusively the graphical notation gives liberate opportunity in creating one’s personal language that holds its basis on feeling the visual and sound in parallel.

Phonation, in accordance to Candas is the presence of sound language in SYN- Phon where the structure is supported by the synthesis itself. Music in its myriad forms extends to exploiting a communicative human language, thereby making the conceptual idea much more of significant importance than the actual tool. For Candas the presence of music in positively charged negatives spaces is a key element for substitution of the unknown seeking to be expressed. By the happening of SYN-Phon the line of musician will be crossed into a rather freely inflicted composer. Lőrinc and Mátyás as the musical inputs , on trumpet and cello respectively, of the performance will attain free expression 
rightfully to the impulses in line of creating a new language.

SYN-Phon sound performance will demonstrate an articulation based on Candas’s intimate collective findings of Budapest during the month of June. Buda and Pest in the separate geographical allocation hold different quintessence natures, in addition to the anecdote of recent flooding events of Duna the performance is meant to reach out to the audience as a sensual expressive language. The sound performance will include sounds, constructed and picked up in Budapest recorded by Candas himself. 
The whole bulk graphical notation will be available in print form to be part of the introductory assimilation.

Daniel Sierra || Oscillate

Daniel Sierra thesis animation done at School of Visual Arts, class of 2013, Computer Art MFA.

“Oscillate” is the title of my thesis animation done at the MFA Computer Art program in the School of Visual Arts located in New York City.

My goal with “Oscillate” was to visualize waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine wave to more complex patterns, creating a mesmerizing audio-visual experience in which sight and sound work in unison to capture the viewer’s attention. — 

The concept of universal building blocks that can be assembled to form complex structures is something I find very exciting and alluring. Sound follows this concept in that any sound, for example a snare drum or a human voice, can be deconstructed as the summation of varying sine waves; hence making sine waves the building blocks of sound so to speak. This concept, which comes from the Fourier Series (named after Joseph Fourier) was the inspiration for my thesis, “Oscillate”.

Conveying this concept through the animation of sine waves proved to be ideal, as there is a certain mesmerizing quality to periodic motion. Whether in the hypnotizing swing of a pendulum or the waves of an ocean, periodic motion can often have a very relaxing and trance-inducing effect on us.

I wanted the audience to begin with the widely recognized image and sound of the sine wave, and show them how it is a building block not just for sound but also complex visual forms by changing its interpretation over the length of the piece.

Additionally this was an opportunity for me to create a song and visualize it at the same time. Being interested in the aesthetics of linking sound and visuals, this was a very exciting project for me. It gave me the chance to experience the process of creating music and visuals simultaneously as they both influence each other. At the same time I learned a lot about simulation effects, particles and procedural animation. — 

The animation was done purely in Houdini, using Houdini’s VEX language to create the tool that could generate and animate waveforms. The music was made in Reason.

The concept work took place as sketches on paper, as well as “code sketches”. I used Processing to develop a RnD tool for visualizing sine wave patterns and formations. 

When I became confident that the tool could reliably produce interesting results, I began to port it in to Houdini. Since I only started learning Houdini a few months prior, it took several iterations to land on the best way to bring it in to Houdini.

Houdini proved to be a great to tool to do this project in. Its open-ended nature and visual-coding like environment meant I could think closer to the logic of a programmer while retaining all the power and functionality of a professional 3D software package. As my piece focuses on the animation of sine functions and particle systems, I found this to be a good workflow.


Ma” || Demoreel 2013


Démo des travaux 2012/2013 de Ma” : création visuelle, vidéo, photo, vjing

musique : Math Rosen – Je Suis l’Homme (Gulf Stream remix)

00:00 TrajectoiresAV – performance audiovisuelle
Mutek Montréal, Centre St Ambroise, FNC Montréal, FOÉ Gatineau, FICFA Moncton
00:04 Ouverture du Centre Phi
00:04 Igloofest 2013
00:05 Igloofest au CRÉ 2012
00:05 Installation Trajectoires @ Igloofest 2013
00:06 Beast
00:06 Eclipse Festival 2012
00:07 Nuit Blanche de Bande à Part 2013@ Métropolis
00:08 Photographies génératives
00:15 Moby @ C2MTL
00:19 Nuit Blanche de Bande à Part 2013 @ Métropolis
00:22 Mutek 2012
00:25 Igloofest 2012
00:29 Mutek 2013
00:34 Festival Montréal en Lumière 2012
00:36 Festival Montréal en Lumière 2013
00:38 Igloofest 2013
00:43 REcon Party 2012
00:53 Nuit Blanche 2012
01:05 Exposition photos génératives & installation interactive
01:08 Madmapper Workshop au FICFA 2012, Moncton
01:10 mini-application web sur
01:12 TrajectoiresAV @ Mapping Festival Genève, Stereolux de Nantes, Auditorium de Bordeaux, IRL Paris
01:14 Trajectoires en 360° @ SAT, Montréal pour le REcon Party 2013
01:16 Teaser Trajectoires AV lancé en novembre 2011
01:27 Première de Trajectoires AV à Mutek 2013
01:40 Mutek 2013
01:54 Party de Noël d’Ubisoft @ SAT, Montréal